With so much expectation of organic search performance being driven by strong PR campaigns, in-house SEO expertise can make all the difference when pitching for new opportunities.

Many of today’s brands are looking for ways to combine their PR efforts with strong technical and creative SEO campaigns.

And although not every PR Firm has the need for a permanent in-house SEO team, having access to these skills on-demand allows them to approach this challenging topic with real confidence.

We have been able to work with some of the UK’s leading and most respected teams. My background in in journalism, team training, and content marketing (before settling on SEO as a core specialism) provides an ideal fit PRs looking to take their digital campaigns to the next level.

It saves them time, money, and HR resources, whilst opening up exciting new possibilities for campaign and ROI delivery.

After recently providing in-house consultancy for a multi-award-winning agency, we were able to deliver a huge uplift in organic traffic for one of their clients by ensuring that the campaign maximised all opportunities to deliver niche specific backlinks.

We also created a set of specific technical recommendations to give the campaign greater momentum, removing poor quality pages that had been preventing their core marketing pages from climbing the rankings.

They also decided that it was time to up-skill some key team members in order to build on this momentum and share their successes with other clients.

Whilst providing on-going consultancy and ensuring that the campaign was successfully delivered, the selected team members received intensive weekly SEO training sessions to help them deal more effectively with clients, now and in the future.

Having now delivered excellent results for a leading national brand and developed their in-house SEO expertise, they can now offer SEO as a key part of their product mix and approach new opportunities with absolute confidence.

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