In the competitive world of e-commerce, mastering the art of online visibility is paramount for sellers, particularly those navigating the unique landscape of Etsy.

Enter eRank, a dedicated SEO tool that has become synonymous with empowering Etsy sellers to enhance their shop listings and drive sales.

In this comprehensive review, we look into the key features, pricing plans and the pros and cons of eRank, exploring how this versatile platform caters to the diverse needs of sellers, from novices to seasoned professionals:

What is eRank?

Available at, eRank stands as a specialised and multifaceted SEO tool that initially gained prominence for its focus on assisting Etsy sellers in optimising their shop listings within the Etsy marketplace. Over time, eRank has evolved beyond its roots, expanding its feature set to encompass a broader range of functionalities relevant to the needs of online sellers in various domains.

At its core, eRank serves as a comprehensive suite of tools and analytics designed to empower users with the knowledge and insights necessary to enhance their online presence and drive sales. While originally an Etsy SEO tool, the platform now caters to a wider audience, accommodating sellers at different levels of expertise – from beginners seeking fundamental SEO guidance to seasoned professionals requiring advanced analytics for a more strategic approach to their online business.

Beyond the realm of Etsy, eRank has positioned itself as a versatile solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs and digital marketers looking to refine their search engine optimisation strategies. The tool goes beyond basic keyword optimisation, offering a range of features that delve into detailed analytics, competitor analysis and actionable insights to help users make informed decisions about their online product listings.

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Who is eRank for?

eRank caters to a diverse range of individuals within the e-commerce landscape, with a primary focus on empowering Etsy sellers.

The platform is designed to meet the needs of various users, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, seeking to optimise their online presence and boost sales through effective SEO strategies.

Here’s a breakdown of the specific user groups that eRank is tailored for:

Etsy sellers

  • Novice sellers: For those who are new to selling on Etsy stores, eRank serves as a valuable resource by providing fundamental SEO guidance. Its user-friendly interface and accessible tools make it easy for beginners to grasp essential concepts and optimise their listings for improved visibility.
  • Intermediate sellers: As sellers gain experience and want to delve deeper into SEO strategies, eRank offers advanced features to refine product listings, understand Etsy keyword performance and stay competitive within the Etsy marketplace.
  • Seasoned professionals: For established Etsy shop owners, eRank’s comprehensive analytics and insights become particularly valuable to carry out Etsy keyword research analysis. The platform equips experienced sellers with the tools needed to fine-tune their strategies, analyse competitor performance and maintain a competitive edge.

E-commerce entrepreneurs

Beyond Etsy, eRank extends its utility to entrepreneurs engaged in e-commerce across various platforms. Sellers on other platforms, such as Shopify, Amazon and eBay can leverage eRank’s versatile tools to optimise their product listings, conduct competitor analysis and enhance their overall SEO approach.

Digital marketers

Digital marketers focused on enhancing the online presence of new products can utilise eRank for comprehensive SEO analytics. The tool provides valuable insights into keyword performance, allowing marketers to tailor their strategies for maximum visibility and engagement.

Small business owners

Small businesses operating online can benefit from eRank’s user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans. The platform’s insights and tools empower small business owners to navigate the complexities of online marketplaces and compete effectively with larger competitors.

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eRank key features

eRank, a dynamic SEO tool tailored for Etsy sellers and beyond, boasts a rich suite of features.

From empowering users with powerful keyword research tools to providing comprehensive analytics and competitor insights, eRank equips sellers with the essentials for optimising their online presence and driving sales.

Keyword research

eRank provides robust keyword research tools, with eRank’s keyword explorer tool allowing users to identify relevant and trending keywords for their product listings. Sellers can discover popular Etsy search terms, tell apart low competition keywords from high search volume terms, and optimise their listings to improve search visibility within the Etsy keyword marketplace.

Competitor analysis

Users can gain valuable insights into top sellers’ strategies through eRank’s competitor analysis features. This includes examining competitor keywords, identifying successful listing elements and understanding overall market trends to refine their own approach.

Listing audit

The platform offers a listing audit feature, enabling sellers to assess the effectiveness of their product listings. This includes analysing titles, tags and descriptions to ensure they align with SEO best practices and stand out in search results.

Rank checker

eRank’s rank checker tool allows users to monitor the performance of their Etsy listings over time. Sellers can use eRank’s keyword rankings, assess the impact of optimisations, and make data-driven decisions to improve their overall search position.

Analytics dashboard

The eRank dashboard provides a comprehensive range of analytics tools that aggregate key metrics related to a seller’s shop performance. This includes information on traffic, sales and conversion rates, giving users a holistic view of their Etsy business.

Tag explorer

The tag explorer feature assists users in discovering and evaluating potential tags for their listings. Sellers can explore trending tags, assess their relevance and select the most effective tags to enhance the visibility of their products.

Market insights

eRank offers market insights that go beyond individual listings to include in-depth product research analysis. Users can access data on broader market trends, helping them make informed decisions about product offerings, pricing strategies and overall business positioning. Overall, erank provides effective Etsy rank analysis, making it an accessible tool for sellers looking to enhance their listings and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Profit calculator

eRank’s profit calculator tool empowers sellers to analyse the financial aspects of their listings. By factoring in costs, fees and pricing strategies, users can make informed decisions to maximise profitability and achieve their financial goals.

Alerts and notifications

eRank keeps users informed with alerts and notifications. Sellers can receive updates on changes in keyword rankings, competitor activities and market trends, ensuring they stay proactive in adjusting their strategies.

Education resources

Beyond tools, provides educational resources such as step-by-step tutorials and guides teaching newcomers how to use eRank for Etsy store optimisation. These resources help users understand SEO principles, make the most of eRank tools and stay updated on best practices in the dynamic world of online selling.


eRank offers a variety of plans to cater to different seller needs, including a free version and several paid plans:

  • eRank free version – Limited access to basic features.
  • eRank Basic Plan – $5.99/month: Unlock more advanced features for a budget-friendly price.
  • eRank Pro Plan – $9.99/month: Access additional tools and insights to boost Etsy SEO further.
  • eRank Expert Plan – $29.99/month: Ideal for seasoned sellers, this plan provides comprehensive features for a more robust Etsy business strategy. However, users should be mindful of certain limitations.

Pros and cons of eRank


eRank stands out as a valuable companion for Etsy sellers, offering a range of features to enhance SEO strategies and online visibility:

User-friendly interface

eRank’s interface is designed with simplicity in mind, providing a user-friendly experience that makes complex SEO tasks accessible to sellers of all experience levels.

Comprehensive insights

The tool furnishes in-depth insights into keyword performance and competitor strategies, empowering sellers to make informed decisions for optimising their product listings.

Affordable pricing plans

eRank provides a range of pricing plans, including a free option and budget-friendly paid plans, making it accessible to sellers with varying budgets. The diverse plans allow users to choose the level of features that aligns with their specific needs.

Social media integration

The integration with social media platforms enhances the tool’s versatility. Sellers can optimise their listings for sharing on social channels, expanding their reach and driving traffic beyond the Etsy marketplace.


While eRank offers valuable features, users should be aware of certain limitations and potential challenges:

Complex navigation

The platform’s interface, although user-friendly, may pose challenges due to lengthy and somewhat cumbersome pages. For instance, the keyword tool’s presentation of all 100 top listings at once can be overwhelming, making it harder to locate precise details.

Search limitations on Expert Plan:

Despite the higher-tier Expert Plan priced at $29.99/month, certain limitations persist. For instance, restrictions on the number of searches, such as 100 lookups for the rank checker and the ability to monitor only 20 search terms, could be considered drawbacks for users with more extensive analytical needs.

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